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Front End Developer


I am Émile Beguin, a newly graduated front end web developer. Believe it or not, I graduated in linguistics 5 years ago; after having worked in the A.I. sector, I decided to follow my passion in web development. Here I am !

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I graduated as a linguist. It gives me an attention to detail – perfect spelling! – and problem-solving strategies that are really out-of-the-box.


I first learned Perl and Python, which are a linguist’s favorite tools. I love regular expressions and HTML parsing. Javascript is my new toy.


I always liked maps, logos, typography. These passions led me to sell some graphics, and even start a few websites long before I started coding.

some Websites I made

I'm getting married next November! This is the website I made. It uses a WordPress theme that I developed myself. Even the map uses no external plugin.

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During a student project in computational linguistics, we developed Toctoctoque, a search engine – with a nice interface ! – browsing through recipes based on automated text mining.

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Avioth is where I'm from. The church, though quite famous in the region, had no website for eight centuries, not less ! I could start from scratch, taking care of the graphical, technical and SEO aspects.


At Sequoia organic stores, I created and tested an online e-shop prototype (WordPress / Magento), writing over 2900 product descriptions.


How I became a front end developer